Scientific Organizations and Institutions

International Society for Computational Biology

Society for the Study of Evolution

European Society for Evolutionary Biology

Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution

American Society of Naturalists

Society of Systematic Biologists
The Entomological Society of America

American Society of Plant Biologists

American Society for Microbiology

Genetics Society of America

American Society of Human Genetics

Ecological Society of America

Paleontological Society

National Evolution Synthesis Center (NESCent)

American Institute of Biological Sciences

American Association for the Advancement of Science


Scientific Educational Resources

Evolution, Science, and Society: a "white paper" about the relevance and importance of evolutionary biology to science and the society

Evolution on the Web for Biology Students: As the title suggests, a starting point for people who are new to evolutionary biology.

Evolution is a Fact and a Theory, by Laurence Moran

Introduction to Evolutionary Biology, by Chris Colby: A pretty detailed summary of TRADITIONAL thoughts/beliefs in the field of evolutionary biology.

The Scientist: FREE online magazine of life and medical sciences


Museums, Parks, and Wilderness

US National Park Service: links to all the national parks of US

(US) National Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History

The Field Museum of Natural History

Smithsonian Museums: 19 of them!

(US) National Museums of American Indians

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: the history of art on exhibit, love it!

The Museum of Modern Art: Is art what you make of it?

(US) National Galary of Art


Life and Society

US scientists' salary by degree, gender, and ethnicity: Some of the statistics may be very surprising and even shocking. Where is equality? See how philosophers answer your questions about social issues.



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